How to Pair Food and Beer

People often think of wine when they think of pairing a beverage with food. I’m here to tell you that not only is there another option, but that there’s a far better option. Beer. Beer can be whatever you want it to be. Beer is all about choices. From water to hops to malt to […]

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The Bruery

Don’t ask me to tell you my favorite beer. I don’t have one. I probably have 20. But favorite brewery? Piece of cake. The Bruery. I discovered The Bruery one night years ago at Zeno’s Pub in State College, PA. It’s a dimly lit basement bar that always offers a stellar selection of bottled and […]

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Asheville Beercation

A few weekends ago, Ben and I FINALLY visited Asheville for the first time since moving to North Carolina 6 months ago! But let’s step back a minute before I get to those breweries… At the beginning of the year, I set a goal for myself to visit 52 breweries within the year. That was […]

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Carolina On My Mind

So… I’m SUPER BEHIND on blog posts! As always, I have so much to say about each brewery, and lots to say about everything in between. I’m finding it nearly impossible to create a short post! My final Colorado posts will be coming soon. Then I’ll be able to catch you all up to speed […]

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Colorado – Day 2 We woke up in Denver and headed toward Colorado Springs for some morning beers. I don’t often find myself in awe of my surroundings, but the drive to our first brewery was unlike any other drive. The sun was shining bright as those mammoth mountains stood with snow-capped peaks, far better […]



Colorado. Was. Epic. First of all, it was beautiful. Breathtakingly beautiful. Ben had been there once before and had told me that once I visited, I would fall in love with it. I’ve always been a warm weather, beach-loving, sun-loving vacation-taker. The only “cold” place I ever care to vacation to is Alaska. Living in […]