What Exactly is “Craft Beer”, and Why Should the Term “Indie Beer” Become A Thing? (And Why The Hell Does It Even Matter?)


5 thoughts on “What Exactly is “Craft Beer”, and Why Should the Term “Indie Beer” Become A Thing? (And Why The Hell Does It Even Matter?)

  1. I respect your opinion, and I totally get the place you’re coming from (especially after the announcement). But I do disagree with your point about big beer being craft. Blue Moon is mass produced, and not very good; Goose Island has drastically declined in quality since they were acquired; and a Ballast Point being owned by a private equity firm isn’t quite the same as AB Inbev or SAB. Craft to me is just that, the craft and care of making high quality and innovative beer. AB Inbev isn’t doing anything innovative, beyond the fact that they’re actively insulting and disparaging craft beer consumers and then buying up these breweries. Not the best long game strategy, in my opinion.


  2. 99% of the breweries on the Men’s Journal list we would not bother with, other than the exception of Birra del Borgo, which does make great artisanal beers- many in the classic Belgian styles, or hybrids thereof. We did a BrewView on their Duchessic Ale. There is another great brewery in Canada, and that is our good friends at Unibroue. (http://Unibroue.com) They are owned by Sapporo / Sleeman; but the great thing about Unibroue is that they have been allowed to brew beers in their way, rather than succumbing to the cost accountants.


    1. Hey BBJ,
      Now that Birra del Borgo is #notindie do you feel that you’ll still support their beer? They aren’t going to succumb to cost accountants either because the point of coupling with these larger companies is about maintaining brands that will passionately grow on their own little ways, while adding to the ABI portfolio. You have 12 lines that look diverse, but in fact, you’re choosing between horses that all pay into the same kingpin’s pocket. As Janee states, it’s about educating consumers and making sure they know where their money is going. You know what you like and don’t, but how are we going to get that across to less beercentric people?

      Great article, great discussion,


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